NHD owns and operates hundreds of units. We have acquired multifamily assets at 30% or more below market value, and have maximized property operations and cash on cash return in a short period of time.

Some assets remain under our management while others are sold back to the market upon stabilization.


Sourcing desirable off-market multifamily assets of all classes across the country, we partner with other firms or sell them to our exclusive buyers’ club.

Single Family Built-For-Rent

Due to COVID-19, we have seen increased demand for single-family homes built-for-rent throughout the country.

At NHD, we work with leading builders of new construction single-family homes and townhouses, primarily in Atlanta and South Carolina.


Sourcing residential and commercial deals on a regular basis, our agents connect both retail buyers and investors with spectacular deals. Our footprint is primarily in the South East, with offices in Atlanta, GA and Myrtle Beach, SC.