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As the owner/operator of hotel-to-multifamily communities in growing markets throughout the southeast, NHD Capital has an enviable market position in every region in which we invest. We continually seek opportunities to leverage our proven operating platform. To ensure stability, our strategy is based on delivering a return throughout all economic cycles.

Through our well-established network, we source off-market deals via long-term relationships with community leaders and influencers, bankers, property managers, contractors, and other real estate professionals.

Our key investment vehicles include:



Our investment funds purchase properties in cash. Each fund’s life span is 5–7 years, acquiring multiple properties.


We team up with like-minded investors to create a real estate limited partnership and invest in quality deals vetted by NHD Capital’s sponsorship team, often leveraging deals via commercial loans or owner financing.


We raise debt from domestic and international investors for our properties. The debt is secured by the assets.